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This Zaneware Peters & Reed candlestick/lamp base pair stand 10.5" high by 5" in diameter at the base edge by 2" in diameter at the rim. This set has two purposes and would serve well in either capacity. We do not believe these were ever employed as lamps as there were no parts or evidence of hardware attachments. This set of candlesticks have a very handsome form with a shield embossed design skirting the bases. There are factory wiring holes in the base collar as seen in the photos. They are glazed in a rich, deep matte green and finished to a smooth satin mat. This set is made from yellow or white clay. Peters and Reed used red clay, so we know it is Zaneware because of the difference in the clay body. This set is unmarked, but the form can be found in Sanford's Peters & Reed reference book on page 61 (Mirror Black Glaze page), where they are noted to be candlestick form #632. This set is in good condition with a number of factory glaze skips as can be seen in the photos, and there were two small surface rim chips on the candlestick with the fewest skips, the other has skips, but no restoration. This c1920s Zaneware Arts & Crafts candlestick/lamp base pair presents quite handsomely.

Zaneware Peters & Reed Candlestick/Lamp Base Pair In Matte Green Glaze c1920s

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