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About Us


PatsPots is owned by Don Gill and Patti Bourgeois. We have been collecting, buying and selling art pottery for more than 25 years. We sell at shows around the country, up and down the east coast and as far west as Ohio. We have been a part of the online community since 1996. We sell vintage American art pottery, dating from as early as the 1880s to the 1950s, including Roseville, Weller, Rookwood, McCoy, Cowan and Stangl, and many potteries spanning north, east, south and west. We also carry contemporary and European art pottery in our inventory, including Nippon, Mettlach steins and English Arts & Crafts pottery.
We are actively involved in the art pottery community nationally.  We serve as officers on the board of the Pottery Lovers (PL) Group from Zanesville, Ohio.  Patti is
 PL's vice president and Don is PL's secretary. We attend the Pottery Lovers Reunion, in Zanesville, Ohio, every summer.

Patti is a past president of the AAPA, and Don is the former webmaster for the association. We participate in the AAPA’s annual convention, which travels to different cities each year.
PatsPots is located in Westport, Massachusetts, along the southeast coast. You may contact us via email:, by phone 508-679-5910, or via snail mail if you prefer: PatsPots, PO Box 1226, Westport, MA 02790.

Don Gill and Patti Bourgeois at the Zanesville Pottery Lovers Banquet at the Zanesville Museum of Art
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