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This Wheatley Faience tile measures 4" square, and is housed in an Arts & Crafts period frame measuring 8" square. Wheatley Tile produced art pottery and tiles from 1880-1932 in Cincinnati, OH. This tile, which was probably made circa 1910, is decorated with a basket full of blossoms, very handsome. The tile is glazed in wonderfully earthy and organic glaze colors. It is marked WHEATLEY on the backside. According to a reference online, this tile's series number is 1050, and is guaranteed to be a vintage Wheatley tile, and well documented in Karlson's book series 'Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles'. It is in essentially factory original condition, with the usual glaze nuances that accompany Wheatley glaze lines of the period. It makes a very handsome presentation, in a nice vintage Arts & Crafts oak frame.

Wheatley Faience Framed Arts & Crafts Tile Blossoms in a Basket in Organic Glaze

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