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This Weller Rudlor vase stands 7" high 4" in diameter. It has a full-bodied cylinder form, with asymmetrical leaf-like handle accents. The Rudlor line was introduced in the early 1930s. Rudolph Lorber headed the decorating department, with Dorothy England close by his side. They were designing new lines, in efforts to keep the pottery in business during a very difficult economic depression. The name 'Rudlor' was clearly a play on the designer's name, not a coincidence. Like many of the 1930s Weller lines, they were based in the botanicals and florals. There were many pretty lines glazed in several color variations, and Rudlor in matte white is a very handsome line, named for a very creative artist. This vessel is decorated with a simple blossom, bud and leaves. The mold and color are excellent. It is glazed in matte white with pink and green accents, and finished to a smooth satin matte. This vase is well marked 'Weller' in script on the base and it also bears an 'R' potter's mark.  This vessel is in original condition, with just some no harm generalized crazing, which we show in the photos. This vase, with sweet leafy handle accents makes a great presentation!

Weller Rudlor 7" Vase W/Leafy Handles Blossom/Bud Matte White/Pink Glaze

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