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This Weller Klyro candlestem stands 2.5" high by 5.5" in diameter. Klyro is a very pretty line from the 1920s. It has a sort of Art & Crafts styling, with an interesting wood-like trim. It is decorated with what appear to be grapes and leaves, simple, but nice. This candlestem is glazed in a very pleasing brown shaded glaze, with red grapes, and touches of a deep mossy green, which is a perfect accent. It is finished to a satin matte. This candlestem is unmarked, but we guarantee it to be vintage Weller Pottery. It is in original condition, no apologies. The Klyro pattern has emerged as a very desirable 1920s Weller line, each new shape is a surprise!

Weller Klyro 2.5" x 5.5" Candlestem W/Grapes/Leaves In Brown Woodtone Glazes

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