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This Weller Dickensware II mug stands 5.5" high by 5.5" across the handle by 4" in diameter. It has a classic handled mug form. It is decorated with a scene of 'Mr. Pickwick' from the Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens' first novel. Mr. Pickwick is standing on a chair on the front side, and a narrative entitled, 'Mr. Pickwick' on the backside. This mug is very faintly signed on the mug just inside the handle area, very faint, but there. The initials look to be 'ELP', which is Edwin L. Pickens, who was one of the artists that worked on the Dickens' lines. The initials are likely impressed, not incised, so the mark is very subtle. The colors are very rich reddish brown standard glaze, with complementary colors in the artwork. This handsome mug is marked "Dickensware Weller" on the base, along with a 'W' or 'M', and some number codes. It is in original condition, with some minor scratches in the glaze from handling over the last 100+ years. This mug presents quite handsomely.

Weller Dickensware II 5.5" 'Mr. Pickwick' Mug By Edwin L. Pickens

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