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This Weller Creamware Roma jardiniere stands 8" high by 10" in diameter. It has a handsome buttressed Arts & Crafts form, with six panels, all filled with Rose blossoms. It is decorated with pinkish-red well-defined blossoms and green leaves with touches of brown, in a wonderful Arts & Crafts presentation. It is glazed in Weller's signature ivory creamware ground glaze, with beautifully complementary colors in the decoration and the carved lines. It is unmarked, except for an initial  'B', likely a potter's mark, but guaranteed to be vintage Weller Pottery from the late teens-early 1920s. It is in original condition with generalized crazing. This handsome jardiniere makes a stunning Arts & Crafts presentation!

Weller Creamware Roma Buttressed Arts & Crafts Jardiniere Rose Blossoms c1910s-2

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