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This Weller Claywood vase measures 3.75" high by 4" in diameter.  This line was designed by Rudolph Lorber.  The designs were intended to present like a wood carving and they do.  This vase, with a very pleasing ball form, is carved with highly detailed tiny blossoms dancing around the shoulder, and sweet petaled blossoms in panels below, in a very handsome presentation! There is a pinprick pattern dotting the background, a very nice accent.  It is glazed in Weller's signature Claywood/Burntwood colors in sepia and brown.  Claywood is identified by its dark panel lines, Burntwood does not have panels, just decoration.  This vase is unmarked, but we guarantee it to be vintage Weller from 1908.  This vase is in mint condition, no apologies.  There are glaze nuances, common to this line, and mold lines that we show in the photos, which are simply that, factory mold lines, not damage.  If you like Weller Burntwood, this is a sweet example, you will LOVE it!

Weller Claywood Cabinet Vase With Sweet Blossoms In Brown/Beige Bisque Gla

SKU: 0003
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