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This Weller Blue Ware vase stands 9" high by 4.75" in diameter at the rim, and 3.25" in diameter at the base edge. It has a flared cylinder form. This vase is decorated with a young lady in a flowing yellow gown dancing and holding grapes in a garden-like setting amidst apple trees laden with fruit. This vase is glazed in a beautiful deep blue ground, with very complementary colors in the artwork. Blue Ware was made by applying paraffin wax to the embossed surface and dipping the entire pot in the blue glaze. The paraffin melted in the firing process, leaving the embossed areas ready for the second glazing, in which each piece was hand decorated and fired again. This vase is essentially unmarked, except for a potter's 'x' mark on the underside of the base. It is in factory original condition, with the usual glaze nuances common to this line. This vessel makes a classical and very elegant presentation.

Weller Blue Ware Vase with a Lady Dancing in a Garden Scene

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