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This Weller Aurelian vase stands a monumental 12.5" high by 3.5" in diameter. The form is gorgeous, very statuesque in a twist presentation. As with most Aurelian, the glaze colors on this vase are phenomenal! The richness of Weller Aurelian Standard Glaze cannot be mistaken, it is bright reddish brown, blushed in ochre and yellow, and shading to deep brown again. The hand painted art work depicts a Wild Rose blossom and leaves, just stunning in its presentation! The precision in the artwork is absolutely exquisite! This vase is very well marked on the base. It does not appear to be artist initialed, at least as far as we can tell, so this talented artist shall remain a mystery. This beauty in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to an inner rim chip, and 2 short lines on the corners of the rim. It has generalized no harm crazing. This Aurelian twist vase makes a stunning presentation, and the rich and supple colors are superb!

Weller Aurelian Standard Glaze 12.5" Twist Vase With Wild Rose Blossom/Leaves

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