This Porter paperweight measures 2.75" high by 3" in diameter, and weighs 1lb., 5 oz. It has a wonderfully rounded orb form and it is adorned with a highly stylized pretty white blossom design, with a green dotted center over a deep, lush purple surface. It is finished in a satin iridized matte. This paperweight is signed W.E. Porter and dated 1979. It is in excellent condition, with a bubble on the top surface, in one of the white petals, mentioned for accuracy.  It is without blemishes.

W.E. Porter is believed to have been a designer/chemist at the Heisey Glass Company in Newark, Ohio for a large part of his career.  Having a wealth of experience in glass-making, Porter began designing his own line of  unique hand-blown paperweights in the 1960s.  We have found other paperweights by this artist, but information on his history is slim.

W.E. Porter Glass Paperweight With Bold Blossom Design d1979 Mint