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This organically-glazed vintage studio vase stands 7.5" high by 4" in diameter. It appears to have a hand -thrown form, with an unbelievably narrow paper thin rim. This beautiful vessel was hand made by a Japanese master potter Seisen Mizuno (AKA Mizuno Shizusen) who was born in Japan August 10, 1928. Mizuno is well known and respected for his ceramic works called Tokoname Yaki Ware, which was made in one of the six ancient kilns in Japan. I have added his bio in the photos along with an example of one of Mizuno's earlier bowls from his website. His earlier works are pretty scarce, and I believe this pot is c1970. This vessel is glazed in an organic drippy glaze.  The upper half is glazed in a combination of brown and charcoal glaze, and the lower half has a natural clay body with a very nice patina.  It is well marked on the base with Mizuno's 'Shizu' cipher.  This vessel is in studio original condition, no apologies.  It makes a wonderfully organic glaze presentation!

Vintage Japanese Studio Vessel by Seisen Mizuno In an Organic Drip Glaze

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