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This Van Briggle cabinet vase measures 4.75" high by 3.5" in diameter. This vase is decorated with stylized violets and leaves, a handsome design by Emma Kinkead starting in 1907. It is glazed in a very rich Mulberry glaze, which is a deep berry color, blushed in a deep purplish blue over the leaves, in an overall leathery glaze character, very nice. This vase is well marked VAN BRIGGLE in capital letters, dating it to the early to mid-1930s, and guaranteed to be vintage Van Briggle. It is in original factory condition, no apologies. This richly glazed Van Briggle vessel, with a gorgeous early motif makes an awesome Arts & Crafts presentation!

Van Briggle Vase c1930s W/Violets/Leaves In Mulberry/Blue Glazes

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