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This University of North Dakota School of Mines UND vase stands 4" high by 3.5" in diameter. It has a handsome and classic shouldered form, simple, yet beautifully glazed. It is glazed in a nice lavender blue glaze, peppered in a fine mist of purple, which lays on this vessel beautifully. It is well marked on the base, along with Julia Mattson's cipher. Some references cite Mattson joining UND in 1925.  This vase appears to be marked '1922' in ink just outside the UND ink stamp, and I suppose it could be a '5' , rather than a '2' for the fourth digit, but to my eye, it looks like 1922. This handsome, yet, pretty vase is in original condition, no apologies. It makes a handsome Arts & Crafts presentation!

University of North Dakota UND 4" Vase Julia Mattson in Lavender Blue Glaze 1922

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