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This Mexican Tlaquepaque 'Petatillo' pottery vase measures 5" high by 3.5" in diameter.  It has a man and his burro napping, surrounded by a landscape of trees and cacti in the decoration.  Tlaquepaque was made for the tourist industry during the 1930-40s.  Each piece is hand-painted with everyday scenes, a great folkart presentation, and the decoration is presented in the traditional Tonala style with a cross-hatch design in the background.  In this style of decorating the artist painted the scene, and then filled in all the blank areas with the cross-hatch or 'Petatillo' design.  This vessel is glazed in beautifully vivid colors over the terra cotta clay body.  It is finished to a semi-gloss sheen.  It is signed 'Mexico' on the bottom.  This vase is in original condition, no apologies.  This Tlaquepaque Petatillo vase makes a beautifully folksy and cheerful presentation!

Tlaquepaque Petatillo Vase c1930-40s Tourist Pottery Mexico In Tonala Style

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