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This RS Germany bowl, decorated in an American Satsuma style decoration, stands 2.5" high by 10.25" in diameter. According to an online sources, pottery and porcelain blanks were imported to the US around the time of WWI, as objects to be decorated by American artists, including many women who hand-painted the pieces at home. Art Nouveau and Art Deco motifs are often evident in these decorated blanks.  Today they are highly prized by collectors.' This bowl has a gorgeous full-bodied large form, with slotted handles on its sides for handling. It is beautifully decorated with an Art Deco motif over a creamy white ground, and is heavily framed and trimmed in gilt. The underside is glazed in a rich Mother-of-Pearl glaze.  The enamels look as if they were painted yesterday, very, very pretty. This bowl is well marked RS Germany, and signed by Miss Mary E. Hawkins on the base. This American Satsuma-style bowl is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to a simple crazing line in one handle. It makes a stunning Art Deco presentation!

RS Germany Bowl With American Satsuma-Style Decoration By Mary E. Hawkins

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