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This impressive set of Royal Worcester English porcelain salt and pepper shakers measure 2.5" high by 2" in diameter. They have a miniature form, likely a personal size set.  I imagine a dinner table in the day set with a set of these S&P shakers for each guest.  They are exquisitely decorated with apple blossoms in a fine gold tone filigree all around, a stunning presentation.  They are glazed in a blushed ivory satin glaze, and trimmed in a heavy 22k gilt, simple little jewels.  This set is unmarked, but guaranteed to be vintage Royal Worcester.  They are in near original factory condition, with just a tiny nick in the base edge of one shaker as shown in the photos.  It is barely perceptible.  There are corks inside.

Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Tiny Salt & Pepper with Apple Blossom Gilt c1895

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