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This great Royal Haeger pedestaled freeform bowl measures 6" high by 14" long by 5" wide. It has an awesome glaze combination with a clean ivory white interior and a killer lava-like cratered aqua green on the exterior that is bubbled and frothy over the entire surface, a fabulous glaze combination on a very nice bowl form. This bowl is well marked Royal Haeger USA, along with its shape number 314. It is in factory original condition with the usual glaze nuances that accompany pots glazed in this manner. There are no chips or cracks and the only noted factory flaw is a thin skip in the glaze on the rim where the white glaze meets the aqua. The clay peeks through at the glaze join. This is mentioned simply for accuracy, this bowl makes a screaming mid-century presentation. Shipping will be based upon your zip code because of its large size. If questions please ask.

Royal Haeger MCM Pedestaled Freeform Bowl in Cratered Lava-like Textured Glaze

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