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This Royal Haeger early Mauve Agate vase stands 9" high by 6" across by 4" wide. It has a Swan pillow form with a nice glaze! This vase is glazed in Haeger's signature early Mauve Agate glaze, with an icy frosted soft pink, blue and lavender mottled glaze, and creamy interior. Mauve Agate was introduced in the 1930s. Its earliest glaze color was much lighter than the later 1940s-1950s, the latter being a glaze with which many pottery collectors are familiar.  This vase is well marked and guaranteed to be vintage 1930s-1940s Royal Haeger. This beauty is in excellent condition, with a small glaze flake under the base, shown in the photos. It makes a gorgeous presentation!

Royal Haeger Early Mauve Agate 9" x 6" Swan Pillow Vase Gorgeous Glazes

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