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This early Haegar rose bowl measures 3.75" high by 6" in diameter.  It has a beautiful rose bowl form, with a lobed body, and decorated with embossed Morning Glory or Ivy leaves around the rim surface.  It is glazed in a gorgeous translucent turquoise glaze, which thins at the high points, allowing the clay color to peek through, a beautiful glaze effect.  It is finished to a mirror gloss.  This vase feels great in hand.  There are no markings, but the shape is well documented in the Haeger references. It is in near original factory condition, with just a teensy tiny glaze fleck on the inner rim as shown in the photos. This is a very nice early example from the 1940s.

Royal Haeger Early 1940s Rose Bowl with Morning Glory/Ivy Leaves Turquoise Glaze

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