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This lovely little bauble was made by the Royal Doulton Company.  It stands 4.5" high by 4.5" in diameter.  It has a ball form with three cutout openings for blossoms, perhaps a crocus vase.  It is beautifully decorated with gold leaf trim at the openings and rim, with raised relief accents, which give this vessel a very pleasing presentation.  It is glazed in a ground of soft April green in a satin matte finish, and decorated all around with gold tone touches and deeper green accents.  This vase is well hallmarked with the Royal Doulton Burslem mark, which includes the country name 'England', which dates this vase specificaly to c1891-1902, a nice early vessel.  There is also a red hallmark, which is likely the mark of a distributor or jewelry store, which was common in the period.  The shape number appears to be 261 or 266, and there is a number 1039 in gold tone glaze.  This vase is in very good condition, with an excellent restoration to a simple fine crazing line by one of the openings.  This Royal Doulton vase is a stunner!

Royal Doulton Early Vase W/Three Cutouts c1891-1902 Soft Green Gold Leaf Accents

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