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This elegant Roseville Volpato jardiniere stands 6" high by 7" in diameter. This jardiniere is decorated with sculptural embossments encircling the rim, with garlands of Rose blossoms all around the midline, a gorgeous accent. It is glazed in a soft creamy ivory glaze, and finished to a high gloss. This jardiniere is unmarked, but guaranteed to be vintage Roseville Volpato. There was a flower pot and saucer, shape 599-6 in the Volpato line, but this jardiniere does not have a hole, as do Roseville's other flower pots, so perhaps they produced a flower pot with a hole, and a jardiniere without, not sure.  It is in excellent condition, with a restoration to a heavy crazing line at the rim, along with a nick at the base edge, shown in the photos.  There is generalized crazing throughout. This very classical Volpato jardiniere makes an elegant presentation!

Roseville Volpato 6" Jardiniere W/Garlands of Roses/Ornamental Rim In Ivory

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