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This beautiful Roseville Rozane ewer stands 8" high by 6" in diameter. It has a classic ewer form with a frilly rim and scrolled handle. It is decorated with lush Holly berries and leaves, in gorgeous reddish and green hues, which presents as if they were floating on the surface of a rich standard glaze, which is a deep, rich reddish brown, just beautiful. This ewer is marked with Roseville's signature Rozane name and RPCo, along with number codes '020' and '17' on the base, and an original paper inventory label, and is guaranteed to be vintage Roseville Rozane c1905. We do not see any artist initials, so the decorator shall remain a mystery. This beauty is in factory original condition, with factory stilt marks on the bottom and a couple of no harm surface scratches from more than 100 years of handling. The shadows are simply glare from the camera, the finish is bright and beautiful. If you appreciate Roseville Rozane's rich standard glazes, you will love this beautifully decorated vessel!

Roseville Rozane Standard Glaze 8" Ewer W/Stunning Holly & Berries Motif

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