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This vessel is a wonderful example of Roseville Pottery's Imperial II line, shape #474. It stands 7" high by 8" in diameter, a large pot, with a great footprint, for sure. Best of all, it has a great design treatment in its design lines and its glaze combination. There is a banded design encircling the collar, which is akin to musical notes in a dramatic yellow glaze with a white spotted overglaze. The body of the vessel is covered in an awesome thick mottled turquoise/green/blue glaze combination, all finished to a mirror gloss. The Imperial II line has a variety of shapes and glazes that are all different, yet they all fit the 'feel' of the line, just beautiful, fresh and bold in its design. This vase is marked with its shape number '474' in red pencil, and you can see the outline of its original Roseville foil label, which is long gone. This vase is in original factory condition, no apologies. It's a fabulous pot!

Roseville Imperial II Vessel with Banded Design Mottled Glazes Shape 474

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