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This lovely Rookwood vase stands 9.5" high by 4.5" in diameter. It has a pleasing full-bodied form with a rolled rim. This beauty is decorated with tiny white blossoms with yellow centers and green leaves cascading in random clusters from under a blue band of color at the rim edge. As with many of Edward Hurley's designs, there is a misty veil of translucency to his artwork that gives an ethereal impression. The ground color is a soft satiny white glaze, so the decoration looks stunning, very visually pleasing to the eye. This vase is marked with the Rookwood logo, and is dated 1913 in Roman Numerals. It bears Hurley's initials 'E.T.H.' on the base, along with the vase's shape number 2932D, and a 'V' for the vellum glaze. This vessel is in factory original condition, with fine generalized crazing covering the pot. There are no chips, cracks or restoration, and the fine crazing is clean, no discoloration. This vase is a nice large example in a gorgeous vellum glaze decoration.

Rookwood Vellum with Tiny White Blossoms by Edward Timothy Hurley d1913

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