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This Rookwood Standard Mahogany Glaze candlestem stands 7.25" high by 2.5" across at the rim and 4.5" across the platform base. It has a classic form, fashioned after a silver-plated candlestick from Rev. A.V. Gallen, Cambridge, MA in June of 1889. It is decorated with orange blossoms and it is glazed in Rookwood's signature Standard Mahogany glaze, which is a translucent glaze over a red clay body, giving a distinctly red hue because the red clay is simply covered in a clear glaze. This candlestem is well marked and it has three flames, which dates it to 1889, shape number 508. There is a 'R' for red clay. We see other markings that we cannot ascribe to an artist's cipher, so it shall remain a mysery as to the decorator. This vessel is in original condition, no apologies.

Rookwood Standard Mahogany Glaze Candlestem with Orange Blossoms d1889 Shape 508

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