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This Rookwood Standard Glaze match holder stands a mere 3.5" high by 3.5" in diameter, 3" at the rim. It has a classic form, with a loosely ruffled rim. William Watts Taylor designed this form shape 582, which is part of a smokeset. It was decorated by Ed Abel, whose tenure at Rookwood was 1890-1895. He decorated this vessel with Jonquil blossoms and leaves with exacting precision. The artwork presents as a true miniature, fine, fine artistry. The glaze colors are gorgeous in shaded deep chocolate brown over a honey golden amber and complementary colors in the decoration. This beauty is well marked and dated with 5 flames for 1891, along with its shape number 582, and the letter 'W' for white clay. Abel's initials/cipher is noted on the base, along with the Rookwood logo. This beauty is in original factory condition, no apologies. The shadows in the photos are from camera glare, the glaze finish is very uniform.  This match holder would serve well as a miniature vessel, it makes a beautiful presentation!

Rookwood Standard Glaze Match Holder d1891 582 Artist Ed Abel Design WWT

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