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This impressive and quite scarce Rookwood Flambe' glaze vase stands a very tall 12.75" high by 5.5" in diameter on the body, and 4" in diameter at the flared rim. It has a very statuesque and pleasing form. This vase was exquisitely designed by William Auckland and decorated by Miss Sara Sax. It is decorated very simply with a flowing glaze, which Anita Ellis (Rookwood Pottery, The Glaze Lines by Anita J. Ellis, Schiffer 1995) describes as 'Flambe' glaze. Decorated versions would be considered the 'Black Opal' glaze line, of which Sax decorated many. The Flambe' glazes are flowing blue and purple hues over a ‘French Red’ under glaze, which covers the interior. The glaze is gorgeous! This vessel is well marked with the Rookwood logo and dated 1924. It is shape number 216, and bears Sara Sax's ‘Sx’ cipher, which is difficult to see, but well noted in hand, and guaranteed to be an authentic Rookwood Flambe' Glaze pot. The bottom is glazed in the telltale gray glaze of the ‘Flambe'/Black Opal' line. This vessel, in an exquisite glaze line, is in original factory condition, no apologies. Shipping will be based upon your zip code because of its large size and insured value.

Rookwood Scarce ‘Flambe’ Glaze Vase Sara Sax Flowing Glazes French Red Interior

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