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These impressive Rookwood candlesticks stand a tall 7" high by 5.5" across by 5" wide, very large as candlesticks go. This 'Morning Glory' candlestick set is a signature Rookwood design in the form of Morning Glory blossom and leaf clusters, with unusual pointed candlestems, a design by William McDonald, a very pretty set. They are glazed in a rich variegated mat yellow color, laced with a deeper mustard hue. The glaze thins at the high points allowing the clay color to peek through, which is a nice accent. They are finished to a satin mat. This set is well marked on the base, shape number 2513 and dated 1923 on one and 1921 on the other. They certainly are glazed in the same color, with some nuances, more mustard in spots, but they certainly show beautifully together. They are in original factory condition, no apologies. The form is researching these we found a reference from Cincinnati Art Galleries calling this set 'bagel holders', in jest...they are candleholders, and they are beautiful.

Rookwood Morning Glory Candlestick Set Wm McDonald Variegated Yellow Mat Glaze

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