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This Rookwood Butterfat glazed oversized, high-sided bowl stands 6.75" high by 10" in diameter. It is a design by John Hamilton Delaney Wareham, whose tenure at Rookwood spanned more than half a century from 1893-1954. It has a large flared form, which serves as a wonderfully large palette for the artwork.  This very impressive bowl is decorated with a copious blossoms around the entire interior periphery of the bowl. It was decorated by one of Rookwood's prized female artists, Miss Lorinda Epply, who spent her career at Rookwood Pottery from 1904-1948. She chose a beautiful palette of colors using a Butterfat glaze, starting with a soft yellow ground, and rose, blue and green hues in the decoration. The Butterfat glaze lays on this bowl beautifully. It is sensuously curdled giving an impressionistic glaze effect, almost ethereal and simply stunning. The exterior is a shaded black with blue streaks, and the finish is a mirror gloss over the entire vessel. This large pot is well marked with the Rookwood logo, and dated 1927 in Roman Numerals, shape number 2260C, and it is initialed by Lorinda Epply 'LE' cojoined on the base. This striking vessel is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to a fine crazing line that was touched with color to disguise it, and two small surface factory grinding chips at the base edge. The crazing line was just that, crazing, it rings like a bell, so not a hairline crack. There is fine generalized factory crazing, which is not readily seen. This impressive oversized and high-sided bowl makes an absolutely stunning presentation!

Rookwood High Center Bowl in Butterfat Glaze by Lorinda Epply d1927

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