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This Rookwood Production bowl stands 2.25" high by 6" in diameter, with a rim diameter of 4.25". It has a classic bowl form, with a nice rolled rim. This vessel is glazed in an organic blue glaze with definite hues towards a soft green. It looks more aqua in the photos, but after three attempts, I get the same result, it just looks more green to my eye. This bowl has a satin matte finish. It is well marked and it is dated 1909, a nice early Rookwood Production pot, shape number 957DD, along with a 'V' for vellum glaze. This handsome vessel is in original condition, with the usual glaze nuances, but no apologies. This is a nice Z-Line bowl!

Rookwood Early Production Z-Line Design Bowl d1909 in Matte Blue/Green Glaze

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