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This Rookwood Dull Finish vessel stands 8" high by 5" across the handle by 2.5" in diameter at the rim. It has a very pleasing form, a design by Henry Yelland. It is a beautiful ewer with a rolled loop handle. The Dull Finish line was introduced c1884 through to c1900. The decoration is under a flat mat of color, with gilt touches. This ewer was decorated by Mary Louella. Her tenure at the Rookwood Pottery was from 1886-1898. It is decorated with a simple, yet gorgeous apple blossom motif. It is glazed in a very pretty apricot blush, shading light and dark with very complementary glaze colors, all accented with gilt decoration, which is exquisite. It has a smooth satin flat mat finish. This ewer is shape number 454, and it is dated with two flames, dating it to 1888, along with the standard Rookwood 'RP' cipher on the base and a 'W' for white clay. It bears Perkin's initials cipher, 'MLP' on the base. This ewer is in original factory condition, no apologies. This early Rookwood beauty makes a stunning presentation!

Rookwood Dull Finish Ewer/Pitcher Blossoms by Mary Louella Perkins d1888 Yelland

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