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This Rookwood Decorated Mat/Double Vellum vessel stands 6.75" high by 4" in diameter, by 1.5" in diameter at the rim. It has a pleasing bulb form with a rolled rim. It was decorated by Charles Stewart Todd (1886-1950), whose tenure at the Rookwood Pottery was from 1910-1922. This vase is decorated with a simple and scant garland of blossoms and leaves at the collar, a perfect Arts & Crafts motif, which lays on this vessel beautifully. It is glazed in a very handsome rose ground, with a deeper rose over glaze in a satin mat finish. This pot is shape number 920, and it is dated 1919, along with the standard Rookwood cipher on the base, and a 'V' for vellum. It bears Todd's initials 'C.S.T.' on the base, hard to see in the photos, but easier to see in hand. This vase is in original factory condition, with a tiny spot of glaze in the finish (shown in the photos), which has a brighter sheen, and is clearly factory in origin, mentioned for the sake of accuracy in the description. It is not detracting in the least. This handsome Todd pot will hug you coming out of the box, it's stunning!

Rookwood Decorated Mat/Double Vellum Vase Stylized Blossoms & Leaves C.S. Todd

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