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This Rookwood Decorated Mat/Double Vellum vessel stands 9" high by 4.5" in diameter by 2.5" in diameter at the rim. It has a very pleasing form, a design by Joseph Bailey, Sr. It is a beautiful vessel with a short collar. It was decorated by Sarah Elizabeth Coyne (1876-1939), called 'Sallie'. Her tenure at the Rookwood Pottery was from 1891-1936. This vase is decorated with a gorgeous floral and berry motif, which lays on this vessel beautifully. It is glazed in a very handsome rose ground, shading light and dark, covered in lavender/blue and other complementary glaze colors in the decoration, which is exquisite. It has a smooth satin mat finish. This pot is shape number 614E, and it is dated 1927, along with the standard Rookwood cipher on the base. It bears Coyne's initials cipher, 'SEC' on the base. This vase is in original factory condition, no apologies. This Rookwood beauty makes a stunning presentation!

Rookwood Decorated Mat/Double Vellum Vase Sallie Coyne d1927 Bailey Design

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