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This Rookwood Arts & Crafts style carved mat glaze vase with a single oak leaf and two acorns measures 4.5" high by 4.5" in diameter. It is handsomely decorated by Albert Pons, dated 1906 on the underside. The leaf is in relief, glazed in yellow and green autumnal colors with two complementary acorns in shades of red and green against the soft brown ground. Marks include the company logo, the date VI (1906), shape 931 and the incised 'AP' monogram of Mr. Pons. This vessel is in factory original condition with some thin glaze at the rim, which can be seen in the photos. It is x'd in the foot ring, hard to see, but if you look for it at the 3 o'clock hour in the base photo, you can just catch it. The rim is fully glazed, just thin spots of color. This vase is virtually uncrazed.

Rookwood Carved Mat Vase with Oak Leaf and Acorns d1906 by Albert Pons

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