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  • Rookwood vase stands 5" high by 3.5" in diameter by a 2" opening at the rim. It has a simple stout form. This vase was designed by one of Rookwood's most creative artists, John D. Wareham, whose tenure at Rookwood spanned his entire career from 1893-1954. This vase is glazed in a handsome matte blue striated glaze.  It is well marked with its shape number 2718, along with the Rookwood logo and its date in Roman Numerals 1924 on the base. handsome vessel is in factory original condition, with some tape residue from an old label on one side, noted in the photos. This vase makes a handsome Arts & Crafts presentation.

Rookwood 5" Vase d1924 Blue Striated Glaze Designed By John D. Wareham

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