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This vintage Robinson Ransbottom cookie jar with ears stands a mighty 10" high by 7.5" in diameter. This cookie jar is from RRPCO's 'Crown' line from the 1930s, a line of crocks, cookie jars and other kitchen ware items. Many, like this cookie jar were hand-painted. This jar in a red glaze has retained its original brilliance for color. It is decorated with a sprig of Daisy blossoms in yellow with black accents, a pleasing glaze/paint combination. It is marked 'USA', the usual marking for this line, along with a pencil notation 'XFT/89'. It is in remarkably near original condition, with a glazed-over chip under one handle, which is in the making, and one inner rim chip, the sign of a well-loved cookie jar, particularly since it is nearly 100 years old. If you collect RRPCO items, this gem is a beauty.

Robinson Ransbottom Crown Line Hand-Painted Cookie Jar with Ears in Red c1930s

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