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This Radford 'Thera' vase stands a tall 11" high by 3.25" in diameter. It has a cylinder form. It is handsomely decorated with a single, bold Rose blossom on the frontside, with leaves and thorns in rich complementary colors over a flat mat green ground in a dull finish. The artwork is handpainted, but we see no initials for an artist's mark. The vase is incised 'THERA' on the base, along with its shape number 1455. This more than 100-year-old vessel is in near original condition, with two small no harm glaze scaling scuffs at the rim and factory stilt marks on the base, shown in the photos. It has vibrant color, beautiful artwork and a pleasing presentation. Albert Radford immigrated to the US from England in 1885. He worked at the Wedgwood Pottery in england before joining the Eagle Pottery in Trenton, NJ. He went on to work at the Zanesville Art Pottery in Zanesville, OH, having much success with the 'LaMoro' line before moving on to his own pottery production at his own art pottery. Thera was one of a number of unique lines that he made at his potteries in Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. Other lines included Radford's Radura, Jasper, Ruko, and Velvety, all pretty scarce today. In all, Radford made pots from c1890-1904 when he died at the age of 41 from a heart attack. His pottery remained open until 1912, when it was purchased by the Brush McCoy Pottery Company.

Radford Pottery Thera Vase with Rose Blossom/Thorns Decoration c1905

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