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This fantastical creature stands 7" high by 6.5" across by 6.5" deep. It is a hand-sculpted piece by artist Chris Bing. This is an early piece for Bing who is still sculpting in California with his partner Jan Wax. The figure appears to be two-headed, a snake's head on one end and a figural head on the other end, with a body of a snake that is turned and twisted into what you see. The figural head almost presents like a snake in sheep's clothing, perhaps a metaphor. It is glazed in complementary colors over a red clay body. This creature is well marked on the base 'C. Bing', along with Bing's seal CB in a circle, dated 1981, along with the word 'Philo', which is difficult to read, but represents where it was made in Philo, California at Jan Wax's studio. In our communication, Chris does not specifically recall what the name of this creature was, but he said it sure took him back to his twenty-year old self. He says it was probably created after midnight. His partner Jan said it looked Freudian, perhaps his psychedelic, fantasy period. This guy is in near original condition with what appears to be a small, but very good mend on one ear, which is nearly undetectable unless you examine it with a loupe. It's amazing it is still in such great condition, given his fangs and toenails, etc. This fantastical creature is guaranteed to be a conversation piece, and truly is one-of-a-kind by California artist Chris Bing.

Post-Modern/California Clay Movement Fantasy Snake Sculpture by Chris Bing d1981

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