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This very large and heavy Pfaltzgraff ashtray measures 1.25" high by 9.5" square.It has a rather unique design, with two coil springs attached on opposing sides, presumably for holding a cigarette or cigar in place. There are a series of fine lines as decoration on the other sides. Best of all, this ashtray has an awesome glaze in a rich sable to deep brown ground, with touches of green glaze, which melts into the brown glaze ina carmelized manner, a great glaze effect. This ashtray is very well marked with the York pottery mark, along with its shape number 3361, USA. The mark indicates that this was likely produced in the 1950s. This ashtray is in original studio condition with a tiny no harm factory glazed over nick on the bottom edge (shown in photos), but no apologies. It makes a great presentation and looks fabulous on a table.

Pfaltzgraff Pottery Mid-Century Stoneware Ashtray with Coil Rests Great Glazes

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