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This fabulous mid-century modern Keramos Israeli hand-painted enameled wall charger measures 1.5" off  the footring by 10.5" across by 10.5" wide. This wall charger, made from red clay, has a triangular form, with a generous palette painted with three faces in cubist-style, in very colorful enameled art. It is fashioned with two hanging holes on the backside, which will accommodate a wire or string for hanging. It is well-signed 'Keramos', Handpainted, Israel, along with the shape number 464 and other number codes as shown in the photos. There appear to be initials of the artist, which could read 'JA' or perhaps 'FA', not sure. This wall charger is in near original condition with just a teensy tiny no harm glaze rub on the edge in the red clay, which is very hard to find. This wonderfully modern cubist-style charger makes an awesome presentation.

Mid-Century Modern Keramos Cubist Enamel-Decorated Wall Charger Made in Israel

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