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This charming MCM set of Britt Wedberg small figures consists of a young man and a young girl. He is dressed in blue and she is wearing a blue dress with a white pinafore.  The young man stands 3.75" high by 2" across by 1.5" wide, and the girl stands 3.5" high by 2" across by 2" wide.  They are made of red clay or terra cotta. They are glazed as noted, and he is finished in a glossy sheen, she in a satin mat.  The young man is dressed in blue, and the paper label on the underside of the girl reads 'Farbror Bla Hjo', which translates to 'Uncle Blue' or police officer in Swedish. Both are signed 'Britt' on the bases. A second label on the young girl reads 'Britt Wedberg Keramik'. These figures have only suggestive faces. They are in original condition, no apologies. This very sweet set of Swedish figures makes a charming presentation.

Mid-Century Modern Britt Wedberg Keramik Sweden Figures of a Young Man/oung Girl

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