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This Moravian framed tile measures 1" thick by 6" square for the wood frame, and the tile itself measures 4" square.  It is deeply embossed with a 'Fleur de Lis', a classic design for Mercer/Moravian.  It is made of red clay.  The design is glazed in a nice brown gloss glaze over the red clay, which lays inside, giving great dimension to the Fleur de Lis.  This frame was exquisitely made by a man named Harry Blair. The backside is open, exposing the Moravian seal and the date 1982. Mr. Blair added his initials to the tile. His initials are 'HEB'. We've seen a number of Mercer tiles over the years, and this and one other we acquired are the nicest presentation of a framed tile we've seen.  It fits like a glove. It is in near original condition with just a minor handling marks.  It presents very handsomely.

Mercer Moravian Tile 'Fleur de Lis' Handsomely Framed in Wood with Metal Accents

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