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This wonderful Mid-century Modern lidded vase or decanter stands a tall 12" high by 9.5" in diameter at the base and 2.5" at the rim. This vessel was made at the Marietta Pottery in Marietta, Ohio, 45750, in the mid-century period. The pottery sponsored a group named WASCO, which is a company for many years that has supported people with disabilities to find work and to contribute to a work effort. A label on the base identifies WASCO, Inc. as a partner in the making of MCM pots with the aid of folks with disabilities 'handi-capped' and 'retarded', which of course was a generic term used in the 50s-60s from when this lidded vessel was produced. We've grown since then and no longer use these terms to describe those of us who are challenged with a disability of the body or mind. Still, the effort was much appreciated by those who truly wanted to contribute as a member of society. This vessel is glazed in a fabulous classic MCM volcanic glaze in a thick frothy chocolate brown and white glaze. There was another paper label on the base which has been abraded, so we cannot read it. In my search online, I found a couple of pots with this same reference, and this one was the one most fitting to MCM design. It is in original condition, no apologies. This MCM vessel makes a great period presentation.

Marietta Mid-Century Modern Pottery Lidded Vase in Volcanic Glaze for WASCO, Inc

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