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This Liberty Village paperweight measures 3" high by 3" in diameter, and weighs 1lb., 7 oz. It has a wonderfully rounded orb form and it is adorned with a gorgeous stylized blossom and pulled feather design. It is white with pearlized colors in a satin finish. This paperweight is signed Liberty Village and dated 1979. It is in excellent condition, with a minute pinpoint nick into the surface of the glass, which is barely noticeable, but mentioned for accuracy.

In 1968, Theodore C. Merritt, Sr. conceived the idea of the historic Liberty Village in Flemington, NJ, and asked Jerry Vandermark, from the Jamestown Glasshouse in Virginia, to consult on the design of the glass house.  Jerry ended up taking Merritt's young son, Doug, back with him to Jamestown to teach him the art of glass blowing.  In 1972, Vandermark Glasshouse at Liberty Village was founded by Jerry Vandermark and Doug Merritt.

Liberty Village Glass Paperweight Blossom/Pulled Feather Design d1979 Mint

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