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This sweet set of Lenox Belleek Ceramic Art Company (CAC) hand painted decorated salt cellars measure 1" high by 2" in diameter, and 1/2" by 1.5" in diameter, respectively. They have a triditional salt cellar footed form for the decorated salts, and a simple bowl form for the goldtone salts. The decorated salts have Forget-me-Nots hand painted, very sweet.  The goldtone are simply that, a rich gold lustre.  They are well marked with the Lenox CAC logo on the bottom, which dates this set to c1889-1906. The goldtone salts are artist initialed 'EL'.  They are all in original factory condition, with just normal wear from handling over the past 100+ years. These Lenox Belleek CAC salt cellars make a very sweet presentation!
According to the Trenton, NJ City Museum website, Ceramic Art Company (Lenox) - In 1889, Walter Scott Lenox left Willets and went into partnership with Jonathan Coxon, superintendent of Ott & Brewer, and founded the Ceramic Art Company (CAC). This partnership lasted until the spring of 1896 when Coxon sold his interest to Lenox. The company continued as the Ceramic Art Company with the word "Lenox" or 'Belleek' added beneath the CAC mark. In February 1906, the name of the company was changed to Lenox, Inc. It is one of the few Trenton potteries from the 19th century that has survived to the present.

Lenox Belleek Ceramic Art Company Salt Cellars (5) Forget-me-Nots/Goldtone

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