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This vintage and delicate Imperial Geddo china cup and saucer measures 2.25" high by 3.5" for the cup, and the saucer measures 1/2" by 4.5" in diameter.  It is glazed in a soft yellow blush with heavy gilt trim.  Imperial Geddo was made from 1891 to 1895 by Onondaga Pottery, which later became Syracuse China. Unfortunately the financial depression of the mid 1890s which ended the Gilded Age, meant that Onondaga Pottery ceased that line, and hand painting pieces.  This hand- painted cup and saucer is decorated as a souvenir, presumably for the city 'Keene', NH, and it reads 'Keene' on its face in a heavy gold gilt slip.  It may have been a commemorative set by the city, or perhaps a business in Keene.  The saucer is well marked 'Imperial Geddo', so this set dates to c1891-1895.  It s in near original condition with a no harm minute glaze fleck at the rim by the handle as shown in the photos.  It's actually remarkable that this dainty cup and saucer have survived more than 120 years.  The cup is beautifully translucent when held to the light.  It presents quite handsomely.

Imperial Geddo (Syracuse China) c1890s 'Keene' Cup and Saucer

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