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This Hull Pottery vase is in the Magnolia family. It is 8.75" high by 5.5" across the handles by 5" in diameter. It has a wonderfully statuesque form with inverted leafy vine-like handles on the lower third of the vessel, connecting the hip to the base platform, a very visually appealing vase. Best of all, it is decorated with beautiful Magnolia blossom and buds on the front and back, and it is glazed in a gorgeous pastel palette. This vessel is marked Hull Art, U.S.A., shape 2-8 1/2" on the base, along with an incised number '20', likely a potter's mark. The form and color are quite pleasing. This vase is in original factory condition, no apologies.

Hull Magnolia Vase with Inverted Leafy Vine-like Handles Shape 2-8 1/2 c1940s

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