This de Porceleyne Fles (Royal Delft) hanging tile measures 4.5" square by 3/8" thick.  Best of all, it is decorated with a Windmill and Harbor scene, with boats and a landscape, in what the Dutch refer to as 'Cloisonne' style.  The details on this tile are superb, with very refined features in awesome colors, and finished in a satin matte.  It is marked 'Delft' on the rear, along with an impressed image of a vase, and what appears to be an 'F'.  This is a very nice tile, made around WWII.  It is in original factory condition, with factory hanger holes at the top, which are threaded with its original copper wire hanger.  This impressive tile makes a fabulous presentation.

Holland de Porceleyne Fles Windmill Harbor Seaport Royal Delft Cloisonne Tile