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This beautiful framed tile and etching measures 21" high by 14" wide, overall. There is an original etching from 1887 titled 'A Street in Leyden', which measures 6.5" square, and the de Porceleyne Fles (Royal Delft) tile of Volendam measures 4.5" square. The etching by W. Vymper, depicts the town of Leiden's waterway in South Holland, The Netherlands, with a ferryman poling his passerger boat. It is accompanied by a Royal Delft tile, in what the Dutch refer to as 'Cloisonne' style.  The details on this tile are superb, with very refined features in awesome colors, and finished in a satin matte.  This very nice tile depicts Volendam, with a young Dutchman gathering his fishing nets and was made around WWII.  This beautiful glass-front shadowbox frame is in original condition, no apologies.  There is a gift paper label on the backside that reads 'To Dianne and Bob from Jeanne and Guus..remember your visit to Holland/Delft, August 1990'. This impressive shadowbox etching and tile makes a fabulous presentation.

Holland de Porceleyne Fles Volendam Delft Cloisonne Tile & Etching in Shadowbox

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